comPost Quick Start
1. Download the latest version of Blog comPost.

2. Extract the files to C:\WINDOWS\WEB

3. Configure the extracted compost.html file for your weblog type.

4. Execute the compost.reg file to modify your registry.

5. Restart Internet Explorer.

6. Start comPosting.
Blog comPost

• What exactly is Blog comPost?

Blog comPost is a simple utility I wrote that integrates into the Internet Explorer right-click menu (also called the context menu) and allows for easy blogging from any web page.

Best of all, it also works as expected within the excellent Bloglines online news reader.

• How is it different from a other blogging bookmarklets or from other blogging context menu extensions?

First, Blog comPost is not weblog-system-specific. It is capable of posting to many different types of weblog systems. You can also post to an alternate system on-the-fly just by pressing the CTRL key while posting.

Second, and the reason I wrote it, is it allows for easy blogging from within the Bloglines news reader. Other utilities try to post about the Bloglines site itself rather than the entries within the Bloglines site. This was an itch that I just had to scratch.

• Which weblog software can it post to?

Movable Type, TypePad, Blogger and WordPress. It can also easily be extended to any other weblog systems that support bookmarklet-style interaction.

If anyone can provide me with a working ManilaExpress or RadioExpress posting URL I would appreciate it.

• What are the requirements?

  • Internet Explorer 5+ (win32)
  • A working weblog (MT, TypePad, WordPress or Blogger)
  • A desire to blog

• I want it. How do I get it?

Easy. You can download the latest version here. Follow the simple instructions in the contained INSTALL.TXT and you'll be up and running in no time.

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